Why not take your dog with you to the local café to spend some quality time together. With proper training and preparation, your pooch can be well behaved so everyone can enjoy a nice snack outdoors.

  1. Take your dog out for a good walk before going to the café. This gives him the chance to empty his bladder, and the exercise gets rid of any excess energy.
  2. Chances are your dog will get bored relatively quickly while you eat. So only plan for a quick lunch or snack, versus a meal that could last a couple of hours.
  3. Be sure to phone ahead and ask the restaurant if they allow dogs at restaurants.
  4. Ask for a table that's at the edge of the dining area. He's less likely to be in the way of waiting staff and/or get his tail trodden on by accident.
  5. When you arrive, walk directly to your table without stopping and get your dog to sit under the table. If you've brought your dog in a carrier, place the carrier under the table.
  6. Bring some supplies for your dog - a water bowl, water, favorite toy (one that doesn't squeak) and/or a tasty GREENIES Dental Chew. Give these to him before you start eating your meal.
  7. Do not let your dog sit on a chair, your lap, or feed your dog from your plate. Other diners may not appreciate this dog behavior and it puts the cafe owner in an awkward position if they start to complain.
  8. Discourage people from coming up and making a fuss of your dog. Because your dog is confined under the table, he may feel threatened by people petting him and could easily nip someone's hand.
  9. If your dog gets unsettled and starts to be a nuisance, pay your bill and leave immediately.
  10. When you make it to the end of the meal, be generous with your tipping.