Cats can be extremely affectionate at times and then distant moments later. What you may take as a personality trait, could actually be an indication of oral pain. Unfortunately, the changes tend to be gradual, starting with a lack of interaction.

Cat Oral Pain Signs:

  • Grooming slows or comes to a halt
  • They act more distant than usual, not reaching out for human companionship
  • There are changes in eating or sleeping patterns

Cat Oral Care solutions:

  • Brushing teeth
  • Protect your cat's health with daily oral care at home such as regular tooth brushing and offering treats that provide a healthy benefit
  • Feed your cat FELINE GREENIES Dental Treats daily to control plaque and to help prevent periodontal disease

What may start as a small problem could turn into something bigger if not taken care of. "The mouth is such an important part of the cat's existence. In fact, any disease that affects the mouth can result in pain and thereby impact the well-being of the cat," according to Dr. Scherk, private practitioner who founded the Cats Only Veterinary Clinic. "In addition, bacteria and other pathogens from periodontal disease can easily get into the cat's bloodstream...these bacteria and pathogens put the cat at greater risk for developing heart, kidney, liver and respiratory diseases."

While oral health changes may be slow, they can have serious impacts on a cat's life. Fortunately, when you treat the symptoms and take away the pain, your cat will start feeling and acting like herself again.