Canine Dental Chews FAQ

Exactly how do GREENIES Dental Chews help clean teeth?

GREENIES Dental Chews help control plaque and tartar buildup by mechanical abrasion. As a dog chews the treat, its chewy texture allows the teeth to sink in for maximum tooth contact causing a mechanical scraping and scrubbing of the tooth surface. GREENIES Dental Chews do not use chemicals to reduce plaque and tartar like many other products. Current GREENIES product formulations have been proven to reduce plaque and tartar buildup better than ever. Additionally, GREENIES are proven to freshen breath and maintain healthier gums.

Why is dental care important to a dog’s health?

Periodontal disease is currently the number one diagnosed disease in pets, however more than half of all dog owners admit they have no daily dental regimen for controlling plaque and tartar, the two leading contributors of periodontal disease. Worse yet, most dog owners don’t see dental health as a big deal. But, if left unchecked, poor dental health could lead to life-threatening conditions such as liver, kidney and heart disease.

How do GREENIES Dental Chews help keep a dog’s teeth clean?

The Nutro Company takes dental care seriously, GREENIES Dental Chews feature a special shape and texture designed for maximum dental efficacy. The chewy texture helps dogs sink their teeth into the product with each bite, and the rounded “bristles” wrap around the dogs’ teeth for greater contact. Movement of the teeth into and against these bristles creates a brushing action, much like a toothbrush, to help control plaque and tartar buildup.

Recent independent studies show that dogs eating one GREENIES Dental Chew per day results in 60 percent less tarter buildup and 33 percent less plaque buildup up in 28 days compared to dogs eating dry dog food alone.

How effective are GREENIES Dental Chews for maintaining oral care?

Daily dental maintenance is key to maintaining a dog’s oral health between regularly scheduled cleanings. When given once a day, GREENIES Dental Chews are clinically proven to effectively reduce tartar buildup on average by 60 percent, and to reduce plaque buildup to keep gums healthy.

What is Total Oral Health Care?

Many treats or chews claim they help reduce plaque and/or tartar, but GREENIES Dental Chews offer a Total Oral Health Solution. This means they are:

  1. Scientifically proven to help reduce plaque buildup.
  2. Scientifically proven to help reduce tartar buildup.
  3. Scientifically proven to help maintain healthier gums.
  4. Scientifically proven to help reduce oral malodor (halitosis).

When fed daily, GREENIES Dental Chews are scientifically proven to deliver 4 benefits for a total oral health solution.

What is the best way to take care of a dog's teeth?

Veterinarians recommend a dental care routine that includes daily dental brushing and oral exams at least once a year. Daily dental maintenance can be conveniently provided by feeding one GREENIES Dental Chew once a day.

Is there any advice for making dental care a habit?

Veterinarians recommend dental care as a daily habit for dog owners. To make it easier for you to remember when to give your dog a dental chew, try scheduling your dog’s dental care at the same time as your own personal oral hygiene routine.

If I give my dog dental chews daily, do I still need to get his teeth cleaned?

Yes! Just as professional dental cleanings are important to good oral care for people, semi-annual or annual dental cleanings by a veterinarian are just as essential for dogs. An in-depth tooth and gum analysis, and professional cleaning from a qualified veterinarian at least once a year, ensures there are no other health problems on the rise. However, daily dental care routines are critical as well. Incorporating dental treats like GREENIES Dental Chews into a daily routine helps to control tartar and plaque buildup and that helps promote good dental health.

Aren't all dental chews the same?

No two products are alike, just as no two dogs are alike. While most dental chews are created with a one-size-fits-all approach, The Nutro Company created an effective dental chew unlike anything else based on recent research that the shape of a dog’s skull determines how hard it can bite, how wide it can open its mouth and the placement of its teeth. GREENIES Dental Chews are tailored to fit a range of dog sizes and weights.

Do GREENIES Dental Chews have the Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance?

Yes. The Nutro Company has followed the required protocols and product testing to meet the strict Veterinary Oral Health Council requirements for approval. We are proud to say that GREENIES Dental Chews are effective in controlling plaque and tartar accumulation. In independent dental testing, dogs receiving one GREENIES Dental Chew per day averaged 60% less tartar accumulation, 33% less plaque accumulation, 80% healthier gums, and 45% improvement in oral malodor (halitosis) in a 28 day feeding study compared to dogs who only received dry dog food.
GREENIES Dental Chews - All products display the VOHC’s Seal of Acceptance for plaque and tartar control.

What is the Veterinary Oral Health Council?

The Veterinary Oral Health Council is an international organization of Board Certified Veterinary Dentists formed by the American Veterinary Dental College. The council has established testing protocols with pre-set standards that a manufacturer must meet to receive their Seal of Acceptance. VOHC evaluates the effectiveness of veterinary oral care products similar to how the American Dental Association through clinical testing measures the efficacy of human products. Products that carry the VOHC Seal of Acceptance have demonstrated they successfully met pre-set criteria for effectiveness in controlling plaque and/or tartar accumulation in dogs and cats. For more information visit

What are the features and benefits of GREENIES Dental Chews?

GREENIES Dental Chews are a convenient daily oral health solution, based on innovation, scientific research, biometrics and feature:
A chewy texture – The chewy texture enables a dog’s teeth to sink in with every bite, increasing the contact and “brushing” action with individual teeth to help reduce tartar and plaque buildup and provide breath-freshening benefits.
Shape – A contoured shape with rounded edges naturally fits dog’s teeth and cleans hard-to-reach spots with a “brushing action” as the dog chews, The shape also includes purposely sculpted valleys and ridges designed to help direct your dogs teeth to specific areas for maximum chewing.
Easy digestibility – The highly soluble ingredients in GREENIES Dental Chews help the product to break down quickly for easy digestion.
Nutritionally balanced – A blend of high-quality proteins fortified with vitamins and minerals make GREENIES Dental Chews nutritionally complete and balanced for adult dog maintenance based on AAFCO recommendations.
Natural sources of antioxidants GREENIES Dental Chews contain natural sources of antioxidants with the addition of vegetable and fruit inclusions. Antioxidants help to promote a healthy immune system.
Taste that is as good as ever! – Independent testing confirms GREENIES Dental Chews have been and continue to be, the palatability leader in dental chews. Your dog will love them!

Why are GREENIES Dental Chews shaped this way?

GREENIES Dental Chews are inspired by the famous green toothbrush shape everyone loves, but the design has been advanced by extensive biometric research to accommodate differing jaw strength, size and structure of dogs’ mouths. The design features a curved and flexible shape that wraps around canine teeth and cleans hard-to-reach spots with a “brushing action” as the dog chews. There’s even an extra bristle for more cleaning power. The shape is designed to offer maximum chewing action, which promotes healthier teeth and gums.

Why the chewy texture?

Throughout the product development phase for GREENIES Dental Chews, research showed that a softer, chewy texture would achieve the best dental care benefit, enabling a dog’s teeth to sink into the chew with every bite. In addition, the flexible texture is specially designed to accommodate different types and sizes of dogs (softer for small dogs and harder for larger dogs), so it’s easy to chew and digest.

Are GREENIES Dental Chews easy to chew and digest?

GREENIES Dental Chews are made from high quality easily digestible proteins. The easy to digest and chewy nature of GREENIES Dental Chews helps ensure they are safe for dogs when given in the appropriate sized serving. GREENIES Dental Chews are 96 percent digestible, making them more digestible than the average dry dog food.

What makes GREENIES Dental Chews easy to digest?

The GREENIES Dental Chew is designed with features to encourage dogs to chew off small pieces which are easier to digest. Its formula also includes high quality and easily digestible ingredients that make it softer, flexible and chewy.

How does The Nutro Company continue to develop GREENIES brand products?

The Nutro Company has a longstanding commitment to improving the lives of pets and their owners. An important part of that commitment is to continue to foster the most scientifically advanced research and product development. Our current GREENIESdental chews are scientifically proven to provide Total Oral Health Solutions even better than before.

What is biometrics? How does it work for GREENIES Dental Chews?

Biometric science is the study of the physical mechanics of living characteristics and has been used in cutting edge innovations in personal identification. Current applications include retinal scans, fingerprints, voice patterns and other applications. Insights from proprietary biometric research involving canine physiology, were critical to the development of GREENIES Dental Chews. This marks the first application of biometrics in a line of products in the pet treat category.
The biometric study analyzed the unique physiologies of canines, including anatomical differences between dogs of different body weights, shapes, skull shapes and bite force. Measurements of three prominent canine skull shapes (all breeds fall within one of these three shapes) were analyzed to determine the maximum bite force and mouth-opening capabilities of various dogs. The result is, GREENIES Dental Chews are designed to account for these variations and are good for all dogs.

What is the difference between solubility and digestibility?

Solubility is a measure of a product’s ability to break down (dissolve) in a liquid solvent to form a homogeneous solution. This is an important consideration when designing a pet food product to ensure it is safe for all dogs.
Digestibility is the actual physical and nutritional breakdown of foodstuffs by the body so nutrients can be absorbed and utilized by the dog.

Why did you add dried cultured skim milk and decaffeinated green tea extract?

Cultured skim milk is a healthy source of calcium that’s low in fat. Decaffeinated green tea extract provides flavor and is a natural source of antioxidants that has been shown by The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition to promote overall oral health.

Are GREENIES Dental Chews considered low fat and low calorie?

GREENIES Dental Chews are considered low fat. AAFCO defines low fat as being no more than 9% crude fat for products containing less than 20% moisture. GREENIES Dental Chews are not low calorie. AAFCO defines low calorie as not more than 3100 kcal/kg ME for products containing less than 20% moisture. GREENIES Dental Chews are about 3200 kcal/kg ME on an as-fed basis.

Is it important to keep my bag/container of GREENIES Dental Chews sealed between uses?

Yes. Sealing the package after feeding a GREENIES Dental Chew is important to preserve the texture and freshness of the uneaten chews. The Nutro Company uses the highest quality packaging to help maintain the flexible chewy texture developed through biometric research, throughout the shelf life of the product.

Why can GREENIES Dental Chews vary in color?

GREENIES Dental Chews are made with high-quality ingredients. From time to time, a normal variation in color can occur with some ingredients causing a slight change in the surface color of all types of Greenies Dental Chews.